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Park Field / Court Usage Application*

  1. Please complete the application below in its entirety and include ALL relevant attachments. Your request will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation Department staff. You will be contacted once your request has been approved. ONE complete packet per organization which includes all divisions/age groups. Please ensure all outstanding invoices are paid before registering for this season.

    Online application is preferred and strongly encouraged.  Paper applications are available at the fitness center desk 121 N Bentz St., M-F 5:30 AM to 8 PM or you may email for a copy. Spring  2022 applications may be submitted online beginning ....    Fields will be assigned according to 2021 Spring historic use. Weather permitting, play may begin March 1st. Goal is to issue permits by the end of March. Be sure to signup on the City's website for the field user general correspondence notifications (league organizers only please) via the Citys alert system.  Any interested parties may also signup for the field closure notifications. 

  2. City of Frederick Return to Play Guidelines Resuming sporting and other customary operations.
    • Physical Distancing monitors should be appointed to assist with field and sideline spacing. • Face Coverings should be worn by staff and athletes consistent with Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery Guidance. • Participation should be structured so as to minimize or prevent participant physical interaction. • Teams should provide hand sanitizing opportunities along with water breaks. • The ratio of coaches/participants to each field ratio should be kept low enough to ensure proper physical distancing between each participant’s practice grid, the coaches, and physical distancing monitors. • Team huddles and high fives should be suspended until a later phase. Consider using a team cheer that allows for space between players or words of encouragement rather than physical contact. • Exit and Entry points should be on opposite sides of the field to prevent any accidental crossover between groups. • The turn over time between practices or games should be lengthened to allow for groups to egress completely before the next scheduled group’s arrival. • Non-participant attendance should be kept minimal (family only) or non-existent. Attendance must be consistent with Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery Guidance. • Those in the at risk categories, including those age 60+, should consider not attending. • All equipment should be sanitized before next practice.
  3. Please note: Coaches and organizational leaders must ensure that all COVID-19 State, County, and City orders are being followed pertaining to physical distancing minimums, maximum number of people gathered, PPE and cleaning, and face coverings. The City will monitor Covid-19, and adjustments may be necessary.
  4. Provide full name and contact information for two designated representatives that may discuss scheduling and billing. NOTE - one application packet per league/organization which includes all age groups/divisions.
  5. What park/ school fields are you requesting? (School fields may not be available pending future FCPS decisions)
  6. Elementary and Middle School Fields within City of Frederick limits are required to submit FCPS COVID-19 Waiver form to City of Frederick Parks and Recreation

    Forms and COVID regulations can be found at

  7. What type of facility are you requesting?*
  8. Do you utilize a concession stand at this location for food sales, or storage? *
  9. Do you utilize a shed at this location?*
  10. Vendor/Peddler/Food Truck Permit

    A vendor/peddler permit may be required for sales of any merchandise/food and drink/services, and /or food trucks.  Contact Building Department for information.  Additional fees may be required. 

  11. Reserved Parking for Food Truck Etc.

    Parking Permit may be required and additional fees may apply.  Please contact Parking Department at 301.600.1429 for information. 

  12. Days needed
    If requesting multiple days in a pattern, please select which days.
  13. How many people will attend?   The City will monitor Covid-19 and adjust as necessary.

  14. Check any city assistance needed
  15. Leagues will be invoiced at the Non-City rate, unless they submit a roster with names and addresses to be verified for 51% City residents.   When your reservations are added to the reservation system, you will be contacted to make payment of half of the preseason total invoice prior to issuance of a field/court permit.  

  16. Waiver*
    Issuance of a permit will reserve the above-referenced facility for the exclusive use of the user holding the permit. The facility is subject to inspection by any authorized representative of The City of Frederick in order to assure proper use of City property, including but not limited to compliance with any state or local regulations or orders pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. The permit must be in the possession of the user to whom it is issued and shown upon request to any authorized representative of the City. The user agrees to abide by all procedures, policies, and rules governing use of the facility. The user is responsible for the conduct of its invitees and guests, and hereby agrees to keep the facility in good repair during its use thereof. In the event that any invitee or guests of the user causes damage to the facility, the user hereby agrees to pay any costs incurred by the City in repairing such damage. The user is further responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any and all personal property that it or its agents, representatives, invitees or guests, may bring to, store at, or leave at the facility. The user agrees to release the City from any and all civil liability relating to any accident, injury, loss, or damage occurring in connection with the use of the facility, including but not limited to the contracting of COVID-19, and will indemnify the City from third-party claims in connection with such use.
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