Is there an easier way to shovel?
A labor saving technique is to push the snow instead of shoveling. This will wear the shovels faster, but will often save you from a sore back. Many utilize snow blowers with great success. These labor saving devices can save quite a bit of time, assuming that you have a proper piece of equipment and the right type of snow. Snow blowers work best in a dry and powdery snow. If it is slushy or has clumps of ice in it, be prepared for lots of “down time”. Please see your local snow equipment dealer for more information. Another option is to hire someone to do it for you. You should seek someone well in advance of the first snowfall. Remember, it is unlawful to place or deposit snow in any streets, sidewalks, or other public ways, be sure to adjust the direction of the blowing / shoveled snow away from the streets and sidewalks.

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6. Is there an easier way to shovel?
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