How does the system work?
Speed monitoring can be done in one of two ways- by fixed cameras in specified locations, or by cameras that can be moved from location to location. Our current plan is to eventually have both types in operation in the City of Frederick. Prior to placing any kind of camera, we must evaluate a location both for the physical ability to place a camera and to identify a public safety need for it.

Basically, the speed monitoring system is a radar device that measures the speed of every vehicle that passes by. Vehicles found to be exceeding the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will be captured electronically and by digital image. That violation information is then sent for a preliminary check to make sure that all of the equipment was operating properly, and to obtain registration information on the violating vehicle. Once that is completed, the violation is sent to the police department for review. If the reviewing police employee approves the violation, a violation notice is then sent to the vehicle owner.

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1. What is this all about?
2. Why do we need speed monitoring systems?
3. Isn’t this just a mechanism to generate more money?
4. How does the system work?
5. How do you know I was driving the vehicle when it was speeding?
6. I have heard there is no way to fight these tickets. Is this true?
7. What happens to my license and insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?
8. What is the maximum fine?
9. Are these “speed traps?”