Police Department


100 W Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701




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Report Crime Anonymously 


Email Crime Tips

Text: 240-674-8477

Drug Tip Line

(301) 600-2246

Office of the Chief 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lando, Jason Chief of Police 301-600-2110  
Long, Samantha Public Information and Community Outreach Coordinator 240-586-0462  
Hayer, Joe Deputy Chief 301-730-6695  
Henneberry, Kirk Deputy Chief 301-600-6217  
Chinn, Jennifer Office Manager 301-600-2718  
DiMaggio, Ashley Administrative Assistant 301-600-2106  

Fiscal Affairs Unit 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Reader, Heather Fiscal Affairs Manager 301-600-2108  
Wolfe, Kareena Administrative Assistant 301-600-3842  

Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Holler, Jonathan Lieutenant 240-578-5685  

Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lapp, Aaron Lieutenant 240-674-7313  

Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Meyer, Kevin Lieutenant 240-446-8959  

(301) 600-2800

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Thomas, Justin Lieutenant 240-578-5073  
Henneberry, Jenny Special Vehicle Coordinator 301-600-2122  
Keiser, Stephanie Automated Enforcement Coordinator 301-600-7531  
Effland, Krista MCIN Coordinator 301-600-1242  

Patrol Division 1 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Carrado, Matthew Lieutenant 301-600-2118  

Patrol Division 2 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Strong, Kacie Lieutenant 301-600-2134  

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Corbett, Lt. John Commander, Patrol Division 1 301-748-5962  

FPD Sworn Personnel 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abed, Logan Officer 301-673-9520  
Alger, Andrew Sergeant 240-409-3108  
Alvarez, Marlon Officer First Class 240-549-4453  
Antczak, Ashley Officer First Class 240-549-4538  
Aylward, Nicholas Officer 240-656-0019  
Bednar, Raymond Detective 301-600-2102  
Bentley, George Corporal 240-549-4534  
Bhatti, Atif Officer 240-409-9304  
Bonneville, Isaac Officer 301-676-5236  
Borns, Corey Sergeant 240-549-4466  
Branche, Tyler Officer 240 440-1471  
Briggs, Casey Officer 301-401-3178  
Brown, Vince Sergeant 240-674-7036  
Brum, Amy Officer 240-549-4543  
Buntley, Willie Officer 240-840-1485  
Burns, Vincent Officer 240-440-2900  
Campbell, Cody Officer 240-409-0811  
Carpenter, Sean Corporal 240-549-4576  
Carrado, Matthew Lieutenant 240-674-0778  
Carrado, Rebecca Sergeant 240-674-2606  
Chiaravalloti, Christopher Detective 301-600-2102  
Chinn, Ryan Officer 240-409-3129  
Clark, James Officer First Class 240-549-4529  
Clinton, Hannah Officer First Class 240-575-8932  
Coady, Andrew Officer First Class 240-549-4542  
Constantine, Joseph Officer First Class 240-549-4467  
Copp, Lindsey Officer First Class 301-676-4665  
Corbett, John (Steve) Lieutenant 301-748-5962  
Corrado, Christopher Officer 301-676-6979  
Cosgray, Brian Officer First Class 240-529-6416  
Crushong, Brent Officer 240-440-3165  
Dang, Zaida Officer 301-673-4396  
Davies, Benjamin Corporal 240-549-4539  
Deal, Durrell Officer First Class 240-549-4597  
Deatrich, Tyler Corporal 240-549-4541  
Dewees, David Detective 240-409-0280  
Dodson, James Corporal 240-549-4615  
Donato, Francis Officer First Class 240-344-8856  
Doyle, Tianna Officer First Class 240-409-1593  
Edwards, Thomas Detective 301-600-2102  
Fader, Lindsay Officer 240-549-4780  
Fernholz, Shawn Officer 301-676-5196  
Foertschbeck, Kristen Officer First Class 240-549-4462  
Forrest, Kevin Corporal 301-748-7122  
Forrest, Ryan Sergeant 240-409-6861  
Fry, Allison Officer 301-673-4394  
Geiser, Sean Corporal 240-549-4459  
Genovese, Peter Officer First Class 240-674-2610  
Gerand, Daniel Officer First Class 240-409-6459  
Golden, David Corporal 301-573-5220  
Gozdziewski, Sheena Officer First Class 240-549-4533  
Graumann, Benedict Officer 301-401-3913  
Green, Gerald Detective 240-549-4706  
Gregware, Aaron Officer First Class 240-367-5096  
Grigsby, Scott Sergeant 240-578-5686  
Grunwell, Michael Officer First Class 240-586-0323  
Gunder, Jeff Sergeant 240-674-7116  
Hall, Garrett Officer 240-409-6538  
Hayer, Joseph Deputy Chief 301-730-6695  
Haynie, Jacob Officer First Class 240-409-8073  
Henneberry, Kirk Deputy Chief 240-674-0454  
Hess, Robert Officer 240-549-4456  
Holler, Jonathan Lieutenant 240 578-5685  
Horvath, Kimberly Officer First Class 240-656-0020  
Hurley, Nicholas Officer First Class 301-676-7204  
Hurst, Seanna Officer 240-344-5739  
Inman, Derek Officer First Class 240-549-4468  
Johnston, Jeremy Detective 301-600-2102  
Jones, Kyle Detective 240-674-7058  
Joseph, Jestin Corporal 240-549-4527  
Kemp, Douglas Officer First Class 240-549-4782  
Kidwell, Deborah Corporal 240-549-4472  
King, Trevor Officer First Class 240-575-8381  
Kopel, Keith Officer First Class 240-367-5533  
Kuhn, Tyler Officer 301-673-4393  
Lando, Jason Chief of Police 301-600-2110  
Lapp, Aaron Lieutenant 240-674-7313  
Lawson, Charles Officer First Class 240-549-4546  
Lawson, Tony Officer First Class 240-549-4469  
Lee, Margery Officer First Class 240-549-4783  
Leishear, Hailey Officer First Class 240-586-1979  
Leishear, Sara Corporal 240-344-6948  
Linehan, Sean Officer First Class 301-401-2479  
Long, Kevin Officer First Class 240-549-4535  
Lyons, Colin Officer 301-401-0618  
Malatesta, Paul Officer First Class 240-674-7775  
Mangot, Alexander Officer First Class 240-344-1727  
McGregor, Scott Officer First Class 240-549-4480  
McGrew, Michael Officer First Class 240-549-4465  
McKinney, Sean Detective 240-578-5683  
McPeak, Anthony Detective 240-578-5684  
Mendez, Christopher Officer 301-673-4392  
Meyers, Kevin Lieutenant 240-446-8959  
Milyard, Wade Officer First Class 240-440-1469  
Moczydlowsky, Jonathan Officer 240-440-3161  
Molina, Richard Officer First Class 240-440-3209  
Morton, Eric Officer First Class 240-344-8747  
Murphy, Michael Sergeant 240-674-7787  
Ogrin, Sean Officer 301-673-4391  
Palkovic, Joseph Sergeant 240-674-7773  
Phillips, Dawn Officer First Class 240-549-4545  
Preece, Reed Sergeant 301-600-2102  
Prior, Chris Sergeant 240-674-7771  
Putman, Jefferey Officer 240-549-4887  
Pyon, Scott Officer First Class 240-549-4455  
Quintin, Robert Officer First Class 240-549-4536  
Radtke, Stephen Detective 240-549-4579  
Rafter, Katherine Detective 301-600-2102  
Ramos, Ethan Officer 240-656-0015  
Rippeon, Nicholas Detective 301-600-2102  
Rivera-Aguila, Jean Officer 240-656-9731  
Romero, Able Officer 240-440-3255  
Ross, Charles Officer First Class 240-344-9731  
Salahov, Andrey Officer First Class 240-840-1978  
Schultz, Jonathan Corporal 240-674-1908  
Sharpe, Christopher Detective 240-549-4522  
Shatlock, Jonathan Sergeant 301-748-4278  
Skelly, Rebecca Detective 240-529-8844  
Smith, Grant Officer First Class 240-344-4070  
Smith, Nicole Detective 240-549-4562  
Snyder, Brian Officer 240-656-0016  
Solano, Irvin Officer 301-401-0436  
Sparks, Stephanie Corporal 240-549-4658  
Spevak, Patrick Detective 301-600-2102  
Stanley, Christopher Officer First Class 240-440-3513  
Stephenson, Douglas Officer First Class 240-446-5217  
Stotler, Ryan Detective 240-549-4537  
Strayer, Sara Officer First Class 240-344-2901  
Stream, Shannon Corporal 240-367-5808  
Strong, Kacie Lieutenant 240-578-5682  
Sullivan, Daniel Corporal 240-344-3073  
Switzer, Jonathan Officer 240-440-3539  
Thomas, Justin Lieutenant 240-578-5073  
Thompson, Joshua Officer 240-575-8311  
Togna, Gabriel Officer 240-367-4860  
Walsleben, Connor Officer First Class 240-549-4530  
Wharton, Patrick Detective 240-549-4708  
Wheeler, Joseph Officer First Class 240-549-4544  
Wiles, Tracey Sergeant 301-748-6273  
Wilson, Benjamin Corporal 301-600-2102  
Wolf, Brian Officer 240-549-4470  
Wright, Andrew Officer 240-566-2959  
Wright, Haley Officer 301-673-4385  
Wright, Tyler Officer 301-673-4384  
Yackovich, Kyrie Detective 301-600-2143