NAC General Info

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Structure Details

  • The City of Frederick is divided into 12 areas that closely overlap established police beats, voting districts, and census tracts.
  • Each NAC has defined boundaries, including detailed maps.
  • Each resident living within a NAC is a member of that NAC and is provided an opportunity to comment on neighborhood traffic, safety, zoning, capital improvements, and other issues within their designated or adjacent areas.
  • Each NAC shall be comprised of volunteer coordinators who, if approved, will be appointed after submitting a letter of interest to the mayor and Board of Aldermen.
  • Each council shall have no more than seven coordinators. Each council shall have elected officers such as chairperson, recording secretary, and treasurer who will conduct their meetings with or without a city liaison present.
  • NAC appointed coordinators may be appointed and reappointed to two-year terms by submitting a letter of interest. Interested persons are encouraged to attend two NAC meetings before requesting an appointment. Appointed coordinators are encouraged to be civil and to display a positive attitude to effect change during meetings. Appointed coordinators with more than three consecutive unexcused absences will be removed from their appointment.


  • NACs may conduct monthly, bi-monthly, or meetings as needed. Minutes must be taken by an appointed coordinator and posted on the city website.
  • Meetings shall be advertised and open to the public.
  • NACs shall hold two yearly city-wide NAC meetings to provide community updates and establish city-wide priorities. A city representative will be assigned to provide assistance in establishing these meetings.
  • NACs may sponsor at least one volunteer program or projects per year. Examples of such programs may include neighborhood clean-ups, mentoring programs, food drive, or a park beautification programs, etc.
  • NACs shall work cooperatively with existing neighborhood / civic programs. For example, the organization may wish to partner with the city's Police Department to host a Drug Awareness Program or a Protect Your Home Program, etc.

Successful Participation


The city has agreed to provide residents with the necessary tools to participate successfully in the NACs.
  • For the purpose of informing elected officials and city departments of neighborhood concerns, a city liaison shall attend meetings and take summary minutes.
  • The city may conduct a citizens awareness program (Frederick 101), designed to educate residents about city services, city operations, and interesting city-wide issues. This program is open to all city residents.
  • The city Planning Department will ensure that developers follow the Site Plan Review Section of the Land Management Code (Appendix A of the Frederick City Code, 1966, as amended) that requires that development projects be presented to the NAC. The Planning Department will forward comments from that meeting to the appropriate commission or committee.
  • The city will encourage residents to follow the development project through the development process.

Funding Opportunities

NACs may be allocated funds from the City of Frederick for projects such as park beautification, food drives, and donations to neighborhood projects. Funds not committed or allocated for use by a NAC at the end of April will be returned to the NAC general fund for reallocation to other NAC.

All funds must be utilized in compliance with city procurement policies. Funding is not guaranteed and may be terminated by the city.

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