East Street Corridor Small Area Plan

East Street Corridor Small Area Plan

On August 3, 2017, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen adopted the East Street Corridor Small Area Plan (ESCAP). The purpose of this plan is to further the efforts of East Frederick Rising and the Vision Plan that group has created as well as build upon the recommendations of past studies and plans in this area.

Adopted East Street Corridor Small Area Plan (PDF)

Next Steps – Implementation

A major recommendation of the Plan is to develop an overlay for the East Street Corridor to guide future development. The City is currently working internally to determine a framework for which to bring the overlay forward. Please check the website frequently for updates.

East Street Steering Committee

Goals of the Overlay

  • Allow mix of uses throughout the corridor, not dependent on base zoning
  • Develop form based regulations to ensure development that would encourage walkability, safety, and extension of downtown grid
  • Incentivize development

Other ways to stay involved: Two major organizations are active within the Study Area boundary that hold monthly meetings and other events. Check out their websites