Water and Sewer Allocation and Impact Fee

On July 1st, 2012 the ordinance for Water and Sewer Allocation and Impact fees were combined per Frederick City Code, Article IX. Water and Sewer Allocation and Impact Fees, § 25. This ordinance governs impact fees and allocation of public water and sewer to all development projects requesting new and/or additional public water and sewer from the City. To view the ordinance see the link below.

This ordinance requires that all new residential and non-residential projects obtain an allocation of water and sewer unless a current contract exists. New or additional Water and Sewer allocation will be granted at application for building permit and impact fees are based on the allocation amount granted. Redevelopment projects as defined in the ordinance are not required to request an allocation, but if the owner feels that the proposed tenant will increase water and sewer capacity it is recommended that an allocation be requested. All projects, other than residential, will have consumption amounts reviewed at 1yr and 2yrs respectively. If the usage has increased beyond the base amount or allocation granted an additional allocation will need to be procured and the associated impact fees be paid.

If an applicant/owner does not agree with the findings of the reviewer regarding water and sewer allocation or consumption, an appeal can be submitted to the Water and Sewer Service Committee for review. Meetings are held on an as-needed basis on the third Wednesday of the month. Please select the link below to view the Water and Sewer Service Committee webpage.

Water and Sewer Service Committee
Potomac River Water Service Agreement (PRWSA)

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Water & Sewer Allocation/Impact Fee Ordinance
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