Emergency Routes

What Are Snow Emergency Routes

The following information is intended for businesses and residents located along a designated Snow Emergency Routes. These routes are marked by signage. These are the general regulations that address your responsibility during a snow emergency.

Frederick has categorized the streets within the city in order to prioritize Snow Removal Services. Streets are typically broken down into three categories; Snow Emergency, Collector and Local Streets. The streets that are designated as Snow Emergency Routes have been determined to be the major traffic arteries, which need to be kept open at all times.

The Snow Emergency Routes are cleared first and we must keep them passable at all times under all conditions. It is only after these streets are satisfactory are we able to move on to the Collector and then the local streets.

When a Snow Emergency is declared, it will be announced via local radio broadcasts, telecasts and the City Web site at www.cityoffrederick.com In addition, we will have a recorded message on the City Emergency information line - 301.600.1300. Parking on Snow Emergency Routes is prohibited on any posted Snow Emergency Route, starting two (2) hours after the Snow Emergency declaration. Please remove all vehicles within the required time. Prohibited parking shall remain in effect until the Snow Emergency has been lifted. Cars in violation, may be towed at owners expense.

Vehicles traveling on Snow Emergency Route restrictions are required to have snow tires or chains. Enforcement of the Snow Emergency Route restrictions is conducted by the Frederick City Police.

The table below lists snow emergency routes in the City of Frederick. Thank you in advance for assisting the City to protect public safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at 301.600.1440.

Snow Emergency Routes
Street Start End
North / South Streets
Market Street Route 70 Bridge Route 26
Bentz St/
Opossumtown Pike
West South Street North City Limits
East Street Monocacy Blvd (Walser Dr) North Market Street
Baughmans Lane US Route 40 Rosemont Avenue
South Jefferson Street Prospect Blvd West Patrick Street
Monocacy Blvd South Market Street East Church Street
Monocacy Blvd Gas House Pike MD Route 15
Christophers Crossing
MD Route 15
Opposumtown Pike
Church St Monocacy Blvd East St
Gas House Pike
Monocacy Blvd City Limits
Mill Island Pkwy Waterside Drive Monocacy Ford Rd
Schifferstadt Blvd.
East Church Street North Market Street
 McCain Dr
 Key Parkway
Butterfly Lane
East / West Streets
Patrick Street NB Ramp US Route 15 Bailes Lane
South Street/
Reich's Ford Road
West Patrick Street City Limits
Yellow Springs Rd/
Rosemont Ave/
Dill Avenue
City Limits N. Bentz
Seventh Street Military Road East Street
Butterfly Lane Mount Phillip Rd Route 180
Military Rd West 7th Street Rosemont Ave.
Waterside Drive Monocacy Blvd City Limits
New Design Road
Route 70 Bridge South Market Street
 Key Parkway
Baughmans Ln
 Old Camp Rd