Comprehensive Planning

In its simplest definition, the Comprehensive Plan provides a guiding framework for how a particular jurisdiction will continue to grow and what that growth will look like. 


To prepare this document, considerable effort is made in collecting and analyzing data involving but not limited to: 

  • Development Patterns
  • Environmental Resources
  • Infrastructure Including Roads and Utilities and Housing
  • Land Use
  • Population Figures and Projections

Public Participation

Public participation is vital to the preparation and implementation of any comprehensive plan. This Plan belongs to you, the citizens of Frederick. The most recent Plan was adopted in 2010. The State of Maryland requires that Comprehensive Plans be reviewed and updated at least every six years.


The 2010 Comprehensive Plan contains the following elements: 

  • Community Character and Design
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental
  • Fiscal Element
  • Heritage Resources
  • Implementation
  • Land Use
  • Municipal Growth
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources

Small Area Planning

As part of the implementation of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Frederick has begun work on Small Area Plans to address land use, mobility, infrastructure, and other issues at a neighborhood level. The fist of these is the Golden Mile Small Area Plan and a public draft should be available by late 2011.

Extensive public outreach has been and will continue to be a key component of each plan, including surveys and community workshops. When complete, plans will be presented to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for adoption such as:


If you have comments or wish to be placed on the email distribution list, please email Comp Planning.