Guidelines & Maps

Design Guidelines & Procedures

The State code and the Land Management Code require that a jurisdiction adopt guidelines to guide an applicant's work and the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC's) decisions. The HPC uses the Guidelines, in addition to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, as the basis for approving or disapproving proposed changes. As per state law, the Guidelines must be consistent with those generally recognized by the Maryland Historical Trust. The Guidelines and any revisions to them must be submitted by the Commission to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for adoption by resolution.


Historic Preservation Overlay Maps

For National Register of Historic Places listings in Frederick please visit the Maryland Historical Trust.

Historic Preservation Legislation

Division 1, Title 8 of the Maryland Land Use Article is the state enabling legislation that empowers local governments in the State of Maryland to adopt local historic districts and regulate historic property. Importantly, this legislation also establishes the purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission as well as the extent of its authority.

The Land Management Code (LMC) is Appendix A of the Frederick City Code and contains regulations dealing with the use of buildings and land within the City. It also governs public notice requirements, the application process, the adoption of guidelines, demolition-by-neglect, violations, and appeals. Section 423 of the LMC identifies the criteria and procedures for designating historic properties and districts..

  • City-wide demolition review

Demolition review is a process by which the City ensures that potentially significant historic resources are not demolished without notice to the community and without an opportunity to be protected if appropriate. Demolition review applies to qualify demolition as identified on a building permit (City Code, §5-15) or a sketch plan/minor site plan (Land Management Code §423(a)) on all properties in the City that are not already protected by a Historic Preservation Overlay (HPO).

  • Frederick City Code

Sections 2-13 through 2-19 of the Code constitute the local law that establishes the HPC and states its purpose, powers, and responsibilities.