Utility Billing

Payment Options

The City of Frederick Finance Department offers several option to pay utility bills.  Please click the tab below to select your option.

  1. Online
  2. Mail
  3. Walk In
  4. Phone 
  5. Drop Box

When to Pay Your Bill

Due Date: All charges are due within 30 days of the bill dates. Payments received (at City Hall) after the due date are subject to a 1% penalty per month. Failure to pay this bill within 60 days of the bill date may result in a discontinuance of service.

Section 25.2.2: Section 25.2.2 of the Frederick City Code provides for additional charges to restore service suspended for failure to pay. Service charges shall be a first lien against said property.

Average Consumption by Household Size per 90 Days

Number of People in HouseholdAverage Consumption (Gallons)Average Bill Total (Water and Sewer Only)
18,000 to 13,000$190
213,000to 18,000$245
318,000 to 23,000$305
423,000 to 28,000$365

Other Important Information

  • Account Names: Water and sewer accounts are maintained in the name of the property owner. Account names are changed when a property is transferred.
  • Returned Check Policy: A return payment fee will be charged if a payment is returned by your bank for any reason.