Shookstown Road Bridge Replacement

Planning is now underway to replace the Shookstown Road Bridge, also known as the "Courtesy Bridge", which crosses Carroll Creek immediately southwest of the intersection of Shookstown Road with Rosemont Avenue. 

CIP NUMBER: 330007
PROJECT NAME: Shookstown Road Bridge (F-F-12001) Replacement
STAFF LEAD: Etinosa Odia (
STATUS: Pre-Design

Shookstown Road Bridge is a two-span, 45’-6” long bridge, built in 1911 and rehabilitated in 1988. The bridge superstructure consists of seven steel beams with steel ornamental railings and a timber deck. The superstructure is support by concrete abutments and wingwalls, and a stone masonry pier. The deck provides a 12’ wide clear roadway with one-lane for two-way traffic, as a courtesy bridge. The bridge is load posted for 29,000 pounds for single-unit vehicles and 36,000 pounds for combination vehicles.

In 2019, the City hired The Wilson T. Ballard Company to perform a design study of the bridge to determine if it should be rehabilitated or replaced. The results of the study determined that the bridge should be completely replaced in the near future.

Repairs were conducted in early 2023 to address deficiencies to the bridge’s substructure and general condition. However, in keeping with the City’s Shared-Use Path Plan, the City is examining three options for the future of the bridge.

The options:

  • Option 1: Replace bridge entirely with a single lane vehicular bridge with a 5’ sidewalk and 10’ sidewalk/shared-use path.
  • Option 2: Replace bridge entirely with a two-way/two-lane vehicular bridge with a 5’ sidewalk and 10’ sidewalk/shared-use path.
  • Option 3: Convert/replace the bridge with a pedestrian bridge. 

The City wishes to solicit input from the general public regarding the proposed options. 

The following link includes more detail on each of the options:

Shookstown Road Improvements Options

Polls are open between 2/1/2024 and 3/15/2024.  One vote per person. 

Vote here for your options