Plan Development

Strategic Plan Update - December 2019

After a robust community engagement campaign and many workshops over the last twelve months, the City of Frederick invites the public to attend a Public Hearing where a resolution to adopt "CommUNITY 2030 - A Ten Year Strategic Plan" will be presented. 

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m., December 19, at:
City Hall Boardroom
101 N Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Resolution Summary and Final Strategic Plan Draft

Strategic Plan Update - November 2019 

A revised draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Mayor and Board of Alderman on November 13, 2019. The revised Working Draft incorporates comments collected from the Board of Alderman since the last workshop on October 9. The public is invited to attend the meeting and provide public comment.

The meeting will begin at 3 p.m, November 13, at:
City Hall Boardroom
101 N Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Strategic Plan Workshop Executive Summary and Backup Information

Strategic Plan Update - October 2019

Guess what? We still want your feedback and input on the City of Frederick 2030 Strategic Plan! On Wednesday, October 9th at 3:00PM, we both welcome and encourage City residents and businesses to join us at City Hall for our Mayor & Board Workshop. Your elected officials will be reviewing the most up-to-date working draft of the 2030 Strategic Plan (PDF).

This is a great opportunity to be civically engaged, and for your public comments to be thoughtfully considered before the 2030 Strategic Plan is finalized.

For questions/comments/feedback, please contact Danielle Kellizy in the Mayor’s Office at 301.600.3834.

Strategic Plan Update - July 2019

Comments on the 2030 Strategic Plan draft objectives and action items will be accepted through August 2, 2019, by email. On July 16, from 12 to 8 p.m, the 2030 Strategic Plan draft objectives and action items were on public display at the Municipal Annex. See the Draft Objectives and Action Items (PDF).

Strategic Plan Update - June 2019

On July 16, from 12 to 8 p.m, during an open house style event at the Municipal Annex, the public is invited to review and comment on the draft 2030 Strategic Plan that has evolved based on community comments, and collaboration among City staff and Mayor Michael O’Connor. For more information, view the Community Engagement 2.0 News Release (PDF).

Strategic Plan Update - April 2019

Since the March 20 public unveiling of the draft Strategic Plan, City staff and Mayor Michael O’Connor are collaborating to develop specific objectives and action items to support the draft Strategic Plan goals. Additionally, proposed departmental budgets for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2020, and in the future, will reference specific Strategic Plan goals that their operations meet.

Strategic Plan Update - March 2019

A draft of the Strategic Plan’s Vision Statement, Mission and Goals that will guide the City of Frederick’s future will be presented March 20 for public consideration and review by the Board of Aldermen.

The meeting will begin at 3 p.m, March 20, at:
City Hall Boardroom
101 N Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

In conjunction with staff and the community, Mayor Michael O’Connor has been developing the vision, mission and goals, following a thorough evaluation of public comments made during community engagement events and submitted online. See the Community Engagement Events Video.

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