Fishing Creek Dam and Reservoir Improvements

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Constructed in 1924 and owned and operated by the City of Frederick, the Fishing Creek Dam and Reservoir currently provides approximately 15% of the City’s water supply.  Since 60 residences are located in close proximity immediately downstream, the dam is classified by the Maryland Department of the Environment as a high hazard dam, and the City maintains an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to assure proper preparation and notification of residences in the unlikely event of an emergency.  

 Recent inspections have identified the need to improve the dam to meet the latest MDE regulatory requirements.   Also, sedimentation accumulation on the bottom of the reservoir has resulted in an approximate 15% reduction of storage capacity, thus reducing the available water supply for the City.  The City established CIP project# 360038 to support the planning, engineering, and construction necessary to improve the dam to meet current regulatory requirements and remove the sediment.    

 Status Updates: