Traffic Safety Team

Formed in May 2021 as part of Operation Safe Speed, the Frederick Police Department's Traffic Safety Team use innovative, 21st-Century data-informed policing methods to assist in running Traffic Enforcement Operations designed to decrease dangerous speeding by residents.

The primary goal of the Traffic Safety Team is to cut down on speeding and vehicle crashes in the City. However, the Traffic Safety Unit also works to address quality-of-life issues in traffic enforcement such as vehicle noise.

The Frederick Police Department strives to achieve voluntary public compliance of motor vehicle laws through outreach, education, and by issuing warnings and citations.  In order to educate drivers about prohibited acts related to vehicle noise, below is a list of common noise violations listed in the Maryland Transportation Article:

  • 21 1117 d - Driving motor vehicle in manner intended to cause excessive noise;
  • 21 1122 c - (Operate, Permit the operation of) sound amplification system from vehicle that can be heard from 50' or more;
  • 22 401 b - Driver use of motor vehicle horn on highway when not reasonably necessary for safety;
  • 22 402 a - (Motor vehicle not equipped with exhaust muffler system, Unlawful use of muffler cutoff);
  • 22 402 b - Using device on motor vehicle (exhaust, tail pipe) extension causing excessive noise;
  • 22 609 a - Modifying (exhaust system, noise abatement device) on motor vehicle causing excessive noise emission;
  •  22 609 b - Motor vehicle equipped with unlawfully modified (exhaust system, noise abatement device).

As part of this effort, residents are encouraged to continue reporting traffic safety concerns to

All travelers are reminded to be cautious on the roads and follow these tips to stay safe: 

  • Pay attention to your speed and the cars on the road around you. 
  • Give yourself time to get where you’re going by leaving a few minutes early.  
  • Know the speed limits of the roads you are on.
  • Think about the consequences of the act of speeding (ie: receiving a ticket, getting into an accident, injuring others).
  • Use cruise control when possible to ensure you are traveling at a safe speed.  

In an effort to better communicate with the public, the police department will share monthly recaps of its traffic enforcement operations and data collected from speed boxes placed throughout the City.

Traffic Enforcement Recap

Speed Data Collection

Christopher's Crossing - Sawmill Road East bound - July 30, 2021-Aug. 5, 2021

Please help us keep Frederick a safe and peaceful community by complying with all Maryland motor vehicle laws. Thank you!