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The next meeting will be Monday, December 18th at 6:00 PM, in City Hall Conference Room 212.

The November 27th meeting has been CANCELED.

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The Education Commission shall be comprised of at least 7 but no more than 9 voting members.  All members will be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen.  Each member must be a resident of the City of Frederick. The term of a member is three years.  Initial members will have staggered terms.  The Mayor shall determine which member is to serve which term.  Members must have demonstrated a commitment to expanded educational and training opportunities beyond the standard educational curriculum and conventional classroom hours.

  • Tiana Massaquoi, Chair
    Term: 6/4/2021 – 6/3/2024
  • Cortney Krauss, Vice Chair
    Term: 6/18/2021 – 6/17/2024
  • John Funderburk        
    Term: 3/2/2023 – 3/1/2026
  • Kelly Esslinger        
    Term: 3/2/2023 – 3/1/2026
  • Monica Kirkpatrick        
    Term: 3/2/2023 – 3/1/2026
  • Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak
    (non-voting liaison)


The Education Commission is for the purpose of recognizing schools as an integral part of the community by enhancing and celebrating the positive impact of education with The City of Frederick.  

Findings and purpose

(a) Findings. The Board of Aldermen finds that:

(1)  Children who reside in urban environments often have different needs than those residing in non-urban areas; there is no "one-size fits all" in education;

(2)  The education and nurturing of youth in the city is paramount to ensuring the health, safety, and security of all residents, thus promoting a high quality of life in the city;

(3)  The Frederick County Board of Education does an outstanding job of providing quality education to the children of Frederick County, including the city, and its teachers are some of the most talented and dedicated in the United States;

(4)  There is a need to buttress and add to this education to ensure that children who reside in the city are mentored, counseled, coached, and educated to the maximum extent possible; and

(5)  An array of very talented and dedicated members of the community are willing to provide unmatched and valuable experience and mentoring to city youth.

(b) Purpose. The purposes and objectives of the Education Commission are to:

(1)  Help city youth and young adults acquire knowledge, develop powers of reasoning and judgement, and improve their overall quality of life;

(2)  Identify educational needs for children residing in the city, beyond those addressed through the standard educational curriculum;

(3)  Gain additional use of existing school facilities in the city in order to provide a safe environment for these efforts at the lowest possible cost;

(4)  Identify additional programs which currently exist, have existed in the past, or should be created to foster increased educational possibilities;

(5)  Promote and secure additional educational programs, which programs will foster the development of city youth and provide additional support for their health, safety, welfare, and future success;

(6)  Meet regularly with program providers, County education officials, and city youth to assess and determine their needs; and

(7)  Support and provide programs for additional needs of city youth.

Please see Ordinance NO: G-19-17 to view the entire ordinance.   

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