Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

SpiresGIS Mapping Apps

The City of Frederick GIS Department provides access to data in several ways. SpiresGIS is a web based application that allows you to visualize and access the most commonly used attributes and data sets. This is generally a good place to start looking for maps, data, and information as requires no experience other than using a web browser and no special software.

Map Services & Shapefiles

The map services that are used by the SpiresGIS application are provided as rest endpoints that can be used in both GIS software and dynamic applications of your own. Finally, certain datasets are available for direct download as shapefiles. Note that you will need GIS software and/or web programming experience in order to use the map services or shapefiles.


Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the data, however no guarantee is implied. This data should be used only for general mapping and visualization and not specific engineering or design projects.

Shapefile Downloads

Reset Endpoint Map Services