CommUNITY 2030

CommUNITY 2030 is a Ten Year Strategic Plan for the City of Frederick, Maryland.

The Board of Alderman approved a resolution to adopt chapters 2, 4, and 5 of CommUNITY 2030 at the Public Hearing on December 19, 2019.

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  1. Summary
  2. Tracking
  3. Previous Work Plans

City Government Mission

The City of Frederick provides responsive, effective, and innovative services that promote and enhance safety, well-being, and success in our community.

CommUNITY 2030 Vision

The year is 2O3O: Over 85,000 people call The City of Frederick home. It is a place where people have chosen to work, learn, innovate, and relax. Frederick is nationally recognized for thoughtful managed sustainable urban development. Prosperity is balanced with housing, employment, and cultural opportunities for everyone. Our vibrant downtown and livable neighborhoods welcome new residents and creative entrepreneurs. Employers large and small provide competitive employment opportunities for the City of Frederick’s workforce. Well-coordinated transportation choices allow movement around, within, and beyond Frederick to nearby metropolitan areas. Frederick is rich in the diversity of talents, cultures, and life stories that connect us with each other. All voices are encouraged and respected, fostering one of the most civically engaged cities in America. Steeped in history, Frederick is a progressive, welcoming, and authentically charming city.

SG1: Sustainable Urban Planning 

We must carefully plan or re-plan our communities to be more sustainable, connected, and equitable. We want to support environments that allow everyone to live, work, and play with a high degree of well-being. 



1.01 Ensure a growing mix of housing options 

1.02 Create complete neighborhoods that allow everyone the opportunity to live, work, learn, shop, and play

1.03 Manage and protect natural resources 

1.04 Encourage transit-oriented development

1.05 Ensure a sustainable balance between residential and commercial development


SG2: Social Well-being 

We will provide balanced housing and human services, recreational opportunities, and cultural enrichment ensuring that social and cultural services are enjoyed by residents now and in the future. 



2.01 Reduce homelessness and provide more affordable housing choices.

2.02 Use community policing and environmental design best practices to promote safe and inviting places

2.03 Expand diverse public art and cultural events throughout the City 

2.04 Expand recreational programing relevant to the cultures of the communities served

2.05 Expand all-inclusive social programing to the most vulnerable populations 

2.06 Increase the healthy lifespan for residents by reducing health disparities and increasing equal access to preventative health care


SG3: Safe and Vibrant Community 

We will enhance the vibrancy and safety of downtown and existing neighborhood centers while creating new neighborhood centers in developing areas of the City. 



3.01 Develop safe and attractive neighborhoods, centers, and corridors throughout the city by providing innovative services

3.02 Develop and strengthen partnerships between public, private, institutional, and non-profit organizations to develop programs that improve quality of life

3.03 Make business and community support networks more all-inclusive

SG4: Competitive Employment 

The City must attract and retain high-quality employers. Additionally, City government should be a model employer of choice providing employees with opportunity, diversity, and financial resiliency.



4.01 The City will maintain a competitive workforce 

4.02 The City will support different industries and partnerships to help promote the City as a great place to live in the region 

4.03 Manage the City’s growth and infrastructure to draw more businesses and enterprises to the City

4.04 Change processes and operations to improve how residents receive services from the City

4.01 The City will employ a diverse, well-trained, and forward-thinking workforce 


SG5: Enhanced Mobility 

We will expand and maintain many well-coordinated transportation choices that improve travel options in, though, and around the City. 



5.01 Build transportation networks that are flexible to all modes of transportation 

5.02 Design a transportation system that moves more people safely

5.03 Provide more transportation choices locally as well as to region centers outside the City

5.04 Enhance the airport’s capacity to transport people, freight, and technology 


SG6: Civic Engagement 

We will empower residents to share their history, talents, and life stories with each other. City government will enhance ways to connect, communicate, and understand the needs of the community. 



6.01 Create new methods of engaging with civic groups and organizations 

6.02 Develop attractive methods of public engagement with City government

6.03 Develop all-inclusive ways to share our life stories

6.04 Make services more transparent and easier to access