Nomination for Committee Vacancies

CLCAC Vacancies

The CLCAC is an all volunteer committee. Whenever vacancies are announced through the City of Frederick website or notices in the Frederick News Post, generally starting in January of any year until filled, interested persons may apply through the City of Frederick. If there are no announced vacancies, interested parties may contact the City of Frederick notifying them of their interest to join the committee should a vacancy become available. 

Please review the CLCAC Bylaws (PDF) regarding the requirements and process for becoming appointed to the committee and the information provided below. 

Committee members generally serve for three years with the option to serve for a second consecutive term. However, occasionally a CLCAC member may be unable to complete their three year term such that an opening becomes immediately available. At any time, interested parties may attend CLCAC meetings.


Applicants should be aware this is a working committee, and that considerable commitment of time will be required for orientation and reading relevant materials to stay current on matters relevant to the Committee's mission. While the Committee meets quarterly, most of the Committee's work occurs between meetings. Additional meetings may be scheduled. 

Members will be asked to volunteer to take their turn in preparing materials, information for the public, reports or minutes. Every effort is made to choose projects realistically, but applicants should know that the committee has neither a budget nor staff.

 An advanced degree in the sciences is not required for all appointed positions on the CLCAC. For information about commission vacancies and the application process visit the Frederick Commission Vacancies page.