Channel 99 programming includes live and re-broadcasts of Public Meetings and special events, as well as Channel 99 Productions featuring topics of specific interests to residents of The City of Frederick.  

Channel 99 is available to the residents of The City of Frederick through digital cable TV service from Comcast, and offers 24 hours of programming to keep residents up to date local information on and about The City of Frederick through broadcasts of Public Meetings, Press Conferences, Special Events, Alerts, and Announcements. Special Programming, including Talk Shows and Public Service Announcements, provides expanded information relevant to residents.

The City of Frederick website offers those who do not have access to Comcast Channel 99 the ability to view the full line of programming through a live stream.  In addition, archives of programming are available for viewing and downloading.

The City of Frederick YouTube channel is another option where Channel 99 Productions may be viewed.

Programming changes monthly - the Channel 99 Programming Guide will keep you up to date.

DVDs & Downloads of Public Meetings and Channel 99 Productions are available.

Public Meetings

The City of Frederick’s Public Meetings that are televised include:

  • Mayor & Board of Aldermen Public Hearing 
  • Mayor & Board of Aldermen Workshop
  • Mayor & Board of Aldermen Budget Meeting
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee
  • Joint Meeting: Mayor & Board of Aldermen & County Council

Channel 99 Productions

Channel 99 productions compliment the broadcasts of public meetings and include Public Service Announcements, Commercials, Talk Shows, Special Programming, and Event Coverage.

Channel 99 Special Programming include:

City Issues

Through a series of discussions with key City staff and guests, viewers will have the chance to learn more on a variety of current City topics.

History Moments

The City of Frederick History Moment series highlights notable City figures, sites and events that recount the rich history of our City. With over 270 years of history, The City of Frederick has plenty of “Moments” to share.

Frederick Police Department videos