2011 Annual Action Plan

CDBG Funds for 2011

The City expects to receive CDBG funds for FFY 2011 of approximately $400,000. The 2011 program income from property sales proceeds, repayment on loans and other revenues is anticipated to be approximately $60,000. Of this amount, the City will spend 65% on housing-related projects, 15% on public service projects, and 20% on program administration.
The DRAFT 2011 Annual Action Plan (covering the period July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012), will be available for public comment and review period in March 2011 and will be presented to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for approval on May 5, 2011.

Technical Assistance is Available

Recognizing that CDBG regulations can be complex at times, Community Development Division staff will gladly answer questions regarding the CDBG program and/or provide you copies of CDBG handbooks, HUD regulations or other Federal requirements, e.g. OMB circulars, Labor (Davis Bacon wage) requirements etc.