Open Investigations

View the open homicides under investigation by the Frederick Police Department. The brief synopsis of each investigation has been provided to familiarize the reader with each crime. More specific information is available from the Criminal Investigation Division to callers who may have a special interest or, more importantly, may have information about a specific crime that might lead to its closure.

The Frederick Police Department is committed to thoroughly and comprehensively investigating each of these homicides with the sole intent of identifying the culprit(s) so that the survivors may obtain closure, and the person(s) responsible may be brought to justice.

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If you have information that might aid in any of these investigation, please contact the Frederick Police Department at (301) 600-2100.

Open Cases

CASE #: 2010-060984
DATE: October 3, 2010
VICTIM: William Joseph Goines Sr
On Sunday October 3, 2010 at approximately 3:28 AM officers responded to the 200 block of Madison Street for a reported shooting. Officers located the victim, Goines, on the ground and began lifesaving efforts. Lifesaving efforts by police and EMS were not effective and Goines was pronounced deceased.

CASE #: 2010-013201
DATE: March 6, 2010
VICTIM: Stuart Garrison Brennan
On Wednesday March 6, 2010 at approximately 12:04 AM a police officer was stopped for a welfare check in the 400 Block of W South Street Frederick, MD. The police officer located a male lying on the ground who was identified to be Stuart Garrison Brennan. Brennan was already deceased at this time from an apparent gunshot wound.

CASE #: 2012-061475
DATE: September 30, 2012
VICTIM: Lamont George Lee Ellis
On Sunday September 30, 2012 at approximately 1:53 AM Frederick Police Officers responded to a reported shots fired in the 100 block of W All Saints Street. Officers began canvassing the area and located the victim, Lamont Ellis, in Mullinix Alley suffering from a gunshot wound. Lifesaving efforts by police and EMS were not effective and Ellis was pronounced deceased. Police believe there were a large number of witnesses present in the alleyway which have not come forward. A reward fund has been established by the family for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the suspect in this case.

CASE #: 1974-6416
DATE: JUNE 29, 1974 VICTIM: ANNA MARGARET MYERS DESCRIPTION FEMALE/ WHITE/ AGE 75 CIRCUMSTANCES At approximately 0545 hours Saturday morning June 29, 1974, a citizen residing in the 300 block of Upper College Terrace heard a moaning sound outside his home. Looking out, he observed a tall slim figure “half running” past his residence southbound toward Rockwell Terrace. He then located an unconscious victim on the sidewalk directly in front of 305 Upper College Terrace. Found near the victim was her dead cocker spaniel. The cause of death of Ms. Myers and her dog was blunt force trauma to the head. Despite an expansive and exhaustive search of the scene and surrounding neighborhoods, no weapon was recovered.

CASE #: 1982-12633 DATE: AUGUST 24, 1982 VICTIM: IDENTITY UNKNOWN DESCRIPTION: FEMALE/ WHITE/ 18 TO 25 YEARS OF AGE CIRCUMSTANCES A couple searching for mushrooms in the Frederick City Watershed came upon a steamer trunk located just off a roadway. The trunk contained skeletonized human remains of a white female, 18 to 25 years of age, with dark hair. The decedent had undergone extensive dental procedures, some of which are consistent with those performed by dental students. The identity of this victim remains a mystery despite efforts by numerous detectives, forensic anthropologists, the FBI, as well as television programs including Final Justice and The New Detectives.

CASE #: 1988-2163 DATE: FEBRUARY 1, 1988 VICTIM: DELORES MARIE THOMPSON, aka “Mooda” DESCRIPTION: FEMALE/ BLACK/ AGE 23 CIRCUMSTANCES On the Monday following Superbowl Sunday 1988, a victim was found in her second-floor apartment at 126 South Market Street. Cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation by strangulation. The victim’s apartment displayed no sign of forced entry. Ms. Thompson was well known and well liked in her neighborhood. Despite extensive investigation, no suspect has been identified.

CASE #: 1989-6355 DATE: MARCH 15, 1989 VICTIM: TRACEY LYNN KIRKPATRICK DESCRIPTION: FEMALE/ WHITE/ AGE 17 CIRCUMSTANCES The victim, working alone on a Wednesday evening in a women’s clothing store in a local shopping center, was found by a security guard. She had last been seen alive at approximately 8:45 PM and her body was found at 10:50 PM. The victim had been stabbed multiple times and robbery is not believed to have been the motive. This investigation has been profiled on the television program “Unsolved Mysteries.”

CASE #: 1990-29455 DATE: OCTOBER 15, 1990 VICTIM: GALAN LATRON CROKER DESCRIPTION: MALE/ BLACK/ AGE 21 CIRCUMSTANCES The victim’s body was found in a grove of pine trees next to Rosemont Avenue. The cause of death was determined to be multiple close contact gunshot wounds. Residents reported hearing noise that could have been gunshots at approximately 2:00 AM that Monday morning. The victim’s body was discovered at 12:29 PM. The investigation determined that this homicide was drug related.

CASE #: 1994 – 22362 DATE: JULY 19, 1994 VICTIM: STACEY ROGERS DESCRIPTION: MALE/ WHITE/ AGE 20 CIRCUMSTANCES The victim was found seated in a vehicle that had drifted into another parked vehicle on Dill Avenue. Shots were heard at approximately 02:45 AM on that Tuesday and the cause of death was later determined as multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses reported seeing a “muscular” African-American male running down an adjacent street shortly after shots were heard. A small red compact vehicle was also seen leaving the area at the time.

CASE #: 2001-61051 DATE: JUNE 30, 2001 VICTIM: ANTHONY CHARLES LEWIS, JR. aka “PEANUT” DESCRIPTION: MALE/ BLACK/ AGE 22 CIRCUMSTANCES While riding a bicycle from South Market Street onto West All Saint’s Street, the victim was attacked and stabbed in the chest at 12:30 AM, Saturday morning, June 30, 2001. The victim continued riding westbound until collapsing immediately east of Court Street. The cause of death was a stab wound to the heart. A suspect who fled from the stabbing was described as an African-American male, late 20’s to early 30’s. No known witnesses to this stabbing have been identified.

CASE #: 2003-1822 DATE: JANUARY 4, 2003 VICTIM: WILLIAM FRANCIS ADAMS DESCRIPTION: MALE/ BLACK/ AGE 23 CIRCUMSTANCES The victim was attacked by two or three black males at approximately 9:30 PM on Saturday 4, 2003, near the side of Building J of Country Hill Apartments, 1000 Heather Ridge Drive. His assailants wore black hoods and dark clothing. During the attack the victim received a single gunshot to the back of the head at close range. Death was instantaneous. No witnesses have come forward and the homicide remains under close investigation.

CASE #: 2006-048967
DATE: September 24, 2006
VICTIM: Terrance Dwayne Gunnels
At approximately 0248 hours, on 9/26/2006, Frederick Police patrol officers responded to the first block of Hamilton Ave. for a shooting that had just occurred. Officers located Terrance Dwayne Gunnels who was unconscious but still breathing. Gunnels was suffering from a gunshot wound and died a short time later from his injuries. No witnesses to this incident have come forward.

CASE #: 2006-059914
DATE: November 22, 2006
VICTIM: Nathan Edwin Thomas
At approximately 0031 hours, on 11-22-2006, patrol officers responded to 151 Willowdale Dr. for a cardiac arrest call. Upon arrival officers located Nathan Edwin Thomas and determined he was already deceased from an apparent gunshot wound to the back. Despite extensive investigative efforts, no suspects have been identified